English Shepherd Dam Lines

English Shepherd Dam Lines are listed alphabetically, with conservation status and mtDNA haplotype if known.

Key DescendantFounderStatusHaplotype
Beebe's Precious Babe & Beautiful AbbeyHolden's Penny ArkleNEE E11
Beebe's Puppet SkookamajackerMohns' Happy Gal HolliganNEB1 B1c
Belle ChereFreda NellNEC2 C42/54/55
Bender's KipBender's KipNEUnknown
Brubaker's ShainaDavidson's Carruss Ranch ChalseyNEA1e A226
Cedar Creek Maggie MaeAnderson's TaffyNEA1b A361/409/611
Celo Farms TaraDouble RR StormyNEA1a A388
Chesney's Lilly of the ValleyChesney's ShellNEB1 B84
Comanche Hill Mona My PalHudson's LassieNEC2 C42/54/55
Good Shepherd's AliceReinhart's LadyNEA1a A16/17/99/100
Graff's Karly SueTrudy WrenNEA1a A388
Heidtman's SiouxWilken's KitaNEE E11
Hetzner's MonaStegall's QueenNEB1 B61
Kaschak's FrecklesBrown's TwinkleNEA1a A388
Knox's Annie & McCall's PrincessShininger's LassieNEC1 C34
Knox's Shannon & Peaslee's BrightonBlankenship's BabsNEA1d A247
Little RiseLittle RiseNEA1b A361/409/611
Long's Peak LucyBowman's GretchenNEA1e A2a
McCall's GabbyPetersen DanaNEUnknown
Owen's GingerMann's Tag IINEA1e A2a
Sallee's Mollie Mae Rogers' MarandyNEA1d A247
Southern Homestead CallieCarr's GoldieNEB1 B1c
Sugarcreek Do I Feel Lucky?Mitchell's LadyNEA1b A361/409/611
Uncle Bob's Lady & Wilson's ChelseaQueen DuchessNEA1a A388
Ward's Buttercup & Gallman's SophieSemy Lilly of the ValleyNEA1b A361/409/611
Wild Oats Merrie BrooksSpunkyNEUnknown
Wingler's BeccaMolly MaeNEB1 B43
Wyss' DollyWyss' DollyNEUnknown
Wyss' ZoeSemy Williams KateNEUnknown
Z-Best Tally Babe of JoyAnderson's MoeNEA1b A361/409/611

Table Legend

NENot EvaluatedHas not yet been evaluated against the criteria.
DDData DeficientNot enough data to make an assessment of its risk of extinction.
LCLeast ConcernLowest risk. Does not qualify for a more at-risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.
NTNear ThreatenedMay be considered threatened in the near future.
VUVulnerableHigh risk of endangerment.
ENEndangeredHigh risk of extinction.
CRCritically EndangeredExtremely high risk of extinction.
EXExtinctNo known individuals remaining.


Cladogram of English Shepherd Dam Lines organized by mtDNA Haplotypes. Click for larger image.