English Shepherd Sire Lines

English Shepherd Sire Lines are listed alphabetically, with conservation status and Y-Chromosome haplotype if known.

Key DescendantFounderStatusHaplotype
Bishop's AceShow's LoboENA1a H1a.8/32/44
DawgKing (Abe)ENA1a H1a.48
Carrington-Gray's ElvisShep (Rea) - Rea's BooneVUA1a H1a.14
Diffendaffer's PacoMcIntyre's TonyVUA1a H1a.48
Parmely's RoperKing (Abe)VUA1a H1a.46
Reser's BuddyReser's ShepVUD H1a39.57
Banks's Cody BoyTyrone Bill (Shininger's Buddy)NTA1a H1a.53
Cimarron Doc HolladaySchoeman's DogNTA1a H1a.48
Dersam's TedMaple Hill LaddieNTA1a H1a.6
DryfussSandlins JakeNTUnknown
Dunrovin Ole ShepNeighbor's BrownieNTA1a H1a.15
It'za Mohns SlashOld SportNTA1a H1a.49
Jennifer's RussellEmanuel's ButchNTA1a H1a.10/H1a.11
Oney's ButchOld ShepNTA1a H1a.48
Oney's RuffBilbrey's MajorNTA1a H1a.29
Partlow's Buster BrownPartlow's BobbyNTUnknown
Rea's Hardy HillLewis' ChipNTA1a H1a.53
Anderson's Duke IIWinkler's Hiawatha (Anderson's Bow)LCA1a H1a.53
Maynard's PrinceValvista's LadLCA1a H1a.48
Partlow's Bud IIPartlow's BobbyLCA1a H1a.48
Sam OdieSonnyLCA1a H1a.48
Shepherd's Rex BlazeShep ALCA1a H1a.29
Shininger's BrandyKing BLCA1a H1a.48
SparkplugTyrone Bill (Shininger's Buddy)LCA1a H1a.6
Wilsons KingOld Black JoeLCA2b H3 & H7.1/6/7

Table Legend

NENot EvaluatedHas not yet been evaluated against the criteria.
DDData DeficientNot enough data to make an assessment of its risk of extinction.
LCLeast ConcernLowest risk. Does not qualify for a more at-risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.
NTNear ThreatenedMay be considered threatened in the near future.
VUVulnerableHigh risk of endangerment.
ENEndangeredHigh risk of extinction.
CRCritically EndangeredExtremely high risk of extinction.
EXExtinctNo known individuals remaining.


Cladogram of English Shepherd Sire Lines organized by Y-Chromosome Haplotypes. Click for larger image.